Monday, June 9, 2014

What to do with.....

I always have kept scraps of paper/fabric/tissue/whatever near by to clean off my stamps/brushes/stencils/whatever and therefore starting a new piece of painted paper. The biggest problem with that was containing them all! SO... the other day I happened to have leftovers of an old book laying next to me where I work so I just grabbed it and started wiping off my brush. new
"What to do with......" journal was born!! As a result I am creating wonderful pieces of paper all contained in a book that I can just tear out as needed. 
So much better than keeping up with all those pieces of "whatever" I normally have laying around....
Oh don't get me wrong.....I still have plenty of those, but this is my new way :) Not to mention it makes a cool "journal" of sorts.

Here are some results....

So there you are! Another "discovery" that everyone else has probably already been doing BUT, just in case.................
Happy "Whatever" :)


  1. Hi, what a great idea! I get lots from you. You did a wax paper paper ani I have a bunch from ritz crackers. So, I will be trying with thos. It will be antique looking because of the wax paper color. Should be fun!

    1. What a great idea Denise!! Glad you are enjoying the stuff I come up with. Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist!! lol!! Thanks for being here :)


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