Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sometimes you just gotta' do it.....

Whew!! I'm exhausted! I just spent my whole "Studio Day" preparing fabrics for future use. It's just one of those things that from time to time I have to do to make my life easier down the road. 
I'm sure you are no different from me if you work with fabric at all (and I do this with paper too) but it seems I accumulate basket fulls of scraps and then when I want fabric for a spine on a book I have to stop and get the scraps out and piece one together. That annoys me because I'm wanting to stay with the flow of making the journal and that kind of slows it down. I got those baskets out and the first thing I did was sort....

Bigger pieces, strips, little pieces for accent and medium size pieces....those were the ones I was focusing on doing something with today.....AND most of those are kimono scraps!! Beautiful pieces of silk from Kimonos that my friend Theresa Gallup sends me from time to time from her scrap pile after making her glorious jackets, purses, scarves, etc. 

So I get all those separated out plus some medium size pieces of cotton fabrics I have. Then comes the tedious part that almost makes me say "Nah....I'm not gonna mess with this right now...."
Ironing them! Because....

They are very very very wrinkled and impossible to do anything with...(I told you this was tedious!)

After I get them all ironed ( at least an hour later) I have the kimono fabric separated from the cottons and I'm ready to sew.

THIS is a job!!! It's like piecing a quilt and these are not pieces of fabric that are in neat little squares or rectangles! So off I go...

And hours later I have this wonderful awry of fabrics sewn together

And rolled up and waiting for me to cut them up for whatever I need. Mainly journal spines in my case.
I'm tired just looking at this....Didn't even get to the cotton ones yet!!
But glad I did it....glad it's done and now I can "stay with the flow" :)

Thanks for stopping by. You may want to do does save time later on.

Ta Ta, Suzi


  1. How do you stay so motivated? Wonderful Job!

    1. It keeps me sane Nancy! You know....

  2. Love that you did this. Inspires me.

    1. Good deal Denise!! it is time consuming but worth it down the road.


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