Friday, February 28, 2014

Making "Skins"

I love fellow artists who share the things they have tried and especially when it is one as well know as Beverly Burrows!! This woman is an artist extraordinaire! Bev taught workshops for many years and has her art in collections all over the world!! I'm proud to call her my friend. Check out her work by clicking here

So the other day we are exchanging ideas and she told me about this one I am sharing with you today. I call these transfers but she calls them "skins" and that is more what they are.

There are ALL kinds of ways you can do this and I have been in the studio playing with different ways, but here is one I want to share with you:

Using watercolor crayon, draw your image on either freezer paper (shiny side) or wax paper. Works on both
Next: paint over image with any color acrylic. Let dry completely.
Add another layer of acrylic (I'm doing 3 here...experiment with different layers) Let dry
Now this is just something I did to give some stability (and just cause I wanna') I laid down the 3rd layer and while wet I laid gauze or cheese cloth in the wet paint.
Let all dry completely

 When dry peel off the paper

  And THERE it is!! Your "skin"

 This was the image left on the freezer paper, and being one that DOES NOT waste.....I Mod Podged a couple of layers of tissue paper to this, let dry and peeled off, transferring the rest of the image to the tissue. Check out my videos on You Tube about tissue transfer
Thanks for stopping by and THANK YOU Beverly for lending your expertise!!

Later, Suzi

Monday, February 24, 2014

I Love a Challenge!

If you subscribe to my You Tube Channel you know that I have been playing around with transfers. Started out as tissue transfers and then I decided to start experimenting with fabric/cloth. of my subscribers kinda challenged me to use sheer fabric with this process so I did and LOVE what came out of it!

Here are the steps. Give it a try......FUN!!

First I pick out my fabric. This is a sheer fabric which you really can't tell here but you will be able to tell as we go.

Next I paint my image on freezer paper (shiny side up) with acrylic paint. Let dry thoroughly.
Lay down layer of Mod Podge over dried image
Lay fabric over image while Mod Podge is wet
Put layer of Mod Podge mixed with a little acrylic medium or acrylic varnish. This prevents the piece from being brittle. 
Let dry completely
Peel fabric off of freezer paper when completely dry
And there it is!!! Beautiful!!

Close up

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another Student update

These beautiful papers from one of my students who has taken all of my workshops so not sure what these are a result of but I'm thinking "It's Okay to Play" because we do a lot of painting various kinds of papers in that workshop.
NONE THE LESS......these are scrumptious!! And she is not done with them yet.
Lujean loves to use deli paper so that is what you see here.

a word from me worth exactly what you pay for it! (my husbands favorite saying) :
 I love deli paper too, but as most of you know, I like to take what I have on hand and use it to the fullest, so what I have found is that if I varnish two sheets of tissue paper together with either Gel Medium or Varnish, I get the same weight, texture and durability as deli paper. Just FYI.

Good job my friend and Thanks for sharing :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Promo VIdeo for Art & Soul

Hello All!!!
Just want to share this little Promo Video I did to introduce myself and what we will be doing at the 3 workshops I will be teaching at Art & Soul Retreat Workshops in Portland, Or. in April 2014!
I am SO EXCITED and happy to have the opportunity to teach there and so hope to see some of you.
Even if you can't go, check it's short :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Painted Papers kinda day

Just finished up painting this piece of paper.

Didn't make a video...I paint papers all the time so can't video every single one, but can share it here with you :)
I LOVE the way this one turned out!
This was my work surface where most of my painted papers start but I usually have to do a lot more. This one just painted itself and could almost be framed as is!! Hmmmmm.

******* is an absolutely GORGEOUS day here in Hot Springs, Ar.!! 70 degrees!! Haven't seen that in a while! I took advantage of the sunshine and hung all my painted papers outside to photograph!! Beautiful huh?! Almost like stained glass.
I use these papers for journal pages so if you have one of my journals you probably have some of these in there.

Be sure to check out my videos at

Friday, February 14, 2014

Student update

Just love seeing what my students are doing "since" the workshop!!
Back in November Alice came and spent 2 days with me in my Studio and made a wonderful journal!

We had a great time and she has been going strong ever since!
Below is a journal she has since made for her grandson!

What absolute fun!!! And the Button is a glass button made by her husband, Mike, who is a glass artist.
BUT....that's not all....
Alice is a Zentangle Artist who teaches workshops and makes these AWESOME beads!!!

Are these not spectacular??? 
I consider myself so blessed to have so many wonderful artists come into my Studio and learn from me when they have such gifts in their own right!!
Thanks for letting me share Alice!! 
You are the Bomb!!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Online workshop "Journal Making Journey"

One of my students sent some photos of what she is doing and wanted to share! 

Front cover of her journal made from canvas

Painted Paper pages ready for the inside

Paper tapes!!

Good job Janice!! Can't wait to see the finished product