Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So Indulge me!
I just got my November/December issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and "wha la"!! Here my work is on page 88!! I entered my piece "If you ask MY opinion" in the felting Reader's Challenge and was selected!! Now I know....I have a lot of artist friends out there that get published ALL THE TIME, but this is the first time in a major magazine for me since American Artist back in 1997 or 98 (that was an actual article)
SO, like I said....Indulge me please :)


I have an artist friend that is the one who does "doll art" and she does a great job! She recently sent me this doll
What this did was inspire me to try my hand at doll making, in my way with my style. My doll is made out of a 2x4 block of wood, painted papers, yarn, fabric and other embellishment.
What fun to try something new and out of your normal "box"!
I had may see more!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012


WARMING UP for my "Doodling" Workshop!!
I decided to go for it....4 videos, can do in one day or take forever!!
If you are interested , click on the WORKSHOP icon on the left column of this page and then click on "LET'S DOODLE"
ONLY $15!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012


I have been doodling ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil. For the record that is about 60 years. It seems here lately that a lot of young new artists are coming out with workshops to teach others to doodle. I'm amazed! But maybe it is something I take for granted and assume everyone knows how to do. So maybe I should get on the band wagon and do a little one day doodling workshop. Maybe I do it different.....I don't know, but if all these women have something to teach in doodling then maybe this old lady can too. Hmmmmm....we will see.....

Thursday, October 11, 2012


A great day in the Studio with my student Mary Carr!! We had a great time painting papers, exploring, experimenting, visiting and eating! Nothing like a day full of art!!
Next "In the Studio" workshop Nov. 2 and 3rd.
This workshop is just too full of great stuff for just one day!!

Mary did some terrific work once she got going!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 Have been working a lot in my visual journals lately. Just needing some time to play and loosen up and explore. I really enjoy this part. It's a time when I can just do what I thinking "will this be received? will people like this? etc." It doesn't matter.

TO ME there is a difference in a visual journal and an art journal.
In an ART JOURNAL I am working on certain images and exploring different techniques and mediums. These pieces are from one of my Art Journals
a VISUAL JOURNAL is a place where I can express thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc.
This is one I am starting. These are just some painted papers I did and now I will see where they go.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Sometimes I just break out in "Doodle"!! I can't help myself. Found myself drawing this cat on my work surface this afternoon. Nothing going on in my little brain but "doodle". I think that is what art is about anyway....Letting go....doodling your thoughts.....having fun. Maybe not for everyone but certainly for me!
My "It's Okay to Play" online workshop is going to be over Dec. 1st and I've got some ideas to restructure it. There are sessions I want to keep, but some I want to re-do. I've been in the studio experimenting and coming up with new things and I want to pass those along to my students. To see what is going to be different, go to in the next few days. I'll be posting the changes over there. VERY excited about sharing my new ideas with you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Papers made in my "In the Studio" painted papers workshop. These are made by Mary Jane Pierce!
I haven't been on my blog much because I spend most of my time in the Studio experimenting and coming up with new ideas to teach my students. My first "In the Studio" workshop was on Sept. 27th and we had a great time!! I can take 3 students at a time and what we found was that one day was not enough! Too much information! SO it has been extended to 2 days.
This is a lot of fun for me because they are not the only ones learning! And it is so much easier to teach in this setting with all my "stuff" there!
GOOD JOB Mary Jane!!