Sunday, November 6, 2016


There is just something about the fall that makes me want to get into the yarn!
Last year it was my scarves of which I still have a few for sale, but this year I've gone into creating 

I have always had a "basket" fetish from wayyyy back.
If you have ever been in my house or studio, you have witnessed this obsession.

These are just a small sampling!

I've been doing a lot of painting lately and frankly, need to sell some, so decided I needed to take a break and, as always this time a year, out came the yarn. 
I had in my mind what I wanted to do. Colorful fun baskets using up some of the yarn I had left from the scarves, but didn't know just how to do what I had in to good ole' You Tube I went and started looking at different basket making vids.

The first ones I did are called "Coil Baskets" and I love the look

BUT, a lot of work! It would take too long to make a bigger one.
So back to You Tube and finally combined a few vids and came up with a crocheted basket that goes a lot faster and has a great look also.

So now I am off and running!!

And having a great time!
Materials: Some are all cotton yarn and jute. Some are cotton and cotton blend yarns and jute.


And multiple uses!
I use one of the larger ones to hold my balls of yarn while I am crocheting. 

Are they for sale? Of course! But my debut for them will be at the Arkansas Craft Guild Christmas Showcase
In a few weeks. After that, I will be offering them in my Store and I will be making more....
Can you say "addicted" ?

Hope you love 'em! I do.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by to see me.

and, oh yes. What's next?? Rag baskets!!