Friday, October 30, 2015

Just for ART

I have begun to notice that I have so much going on in my Suzi Dennis - Painted Papers facebook page that my actual art work was getting lost.
That spurred me on to create a new page that is just about my art. 
At Suzi Dennis Art I will be showing my art work only. This will be present art work that is being offered for sale.
I still have Suzi Dennis - Painted Papers but that will just be a place to show other offers as they come up. ie: calendars, postcards, prints, art shows, workshops etc.
So hope you will go and "like" both of them to keep up with what is going on!

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Change is in the air

For me, there just comes a time when there is a need to change.
This painting is one I did in 2008 and the title was "The Line Up"
Now don't get me wrong...I love that painting. loved it when I created it and love it now.....however, it didn't sell and after 7 years
it was not in keeping with my style,
seeing as how 7 is a number of completeness in the Bible and a time when you make changes, soooooo.........

Here is the change. And I love the title!! I was going to leave the title the same, but as I worked on it, it became it's own piece. Now it lines up with what I do now.

Change can be good

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fun with DecoArts Products

I was asked by DecoArts to do a Blog using their products which is no problem since I love their products and use them a lot!! 
Being a Mixed Media Collage artist, my favorite thing to do is paint papers. I teach workshops in this very thing. 
 So here is a step by step Blog of one of my favorite techniques to paint a really cool piece of paper.It involves transferring paint from freezer paper to Deli Paper. Hope you Enjoy!
To purchase these products go to and DecoArt
To see more about my workshops go to

First gather your supplies. I am using freezer paper, A stencil I designed and made and DecoArts Paints and Spray Misters. Also you will need Deli Paper and alcohol (the rubbing kind) in a spray bottle.


With the Freezer Paper SHINY SIDE UP I applied the DecoArt fluid acrylic Cadmium Red Hue over the Stencil with a sponge roller. You can apply it with a stencil brush or sponge or however you are most comfortable.


Let the stencil design dry thoroughly then brush on a thin coat of  DecoArts paint. Here I am using Americana Gloss Enamel Desert Turquoise. Thin good with water.


While paint is wet spray and/or drop on alcohol. this separates the paint and gives it some great design and texture (see below)


Again, while all this is wet, spray on the DecoArts Mister sprays. I am using Primary Yellow and Primary Cyan. You can alternate between alcohol and mister sprays until you get a look you like.
Now let all this dry COMPLETELY.


After the sprays and alcohol have dried completely, Cover the entire area with a good coat of Paint. Yes, I can hear you saying "What??", but trust me. I am using DecoArts Fluid Acrylic Titanium White.


While the paint is still wet, lay down a sheet of Deli Paper (Heavy Duty Wax Paper). I use a brayer roller to help the deli paper adhere good to the paint......Let dry...again...thoroughly.


When COMPLETELY dry, peel the deli paper off of the freezer paper.
This is the FUN part!!


And here you are!! Use as is to tear up and put into a collage or embellish further with more of the wonderful DecoArts Americana Paints.

ENJOY!!! And thanks for stopping by.