Saturday, December 22, 2012


Well......this was fun! I saw a video where this artist was doing some amazing writing with a fountain pen and ink and it took me back to my watercolor days. I did nothing but watercolor for 8 years before getting into mixed media. So it "inspired" me to have some fun with inks and watercolor. These are just some little experiments I did and I loved the spontaneity of the color reacting to the water....I will probably do a Monday in the Studio Video on this after the first of the year. If you are interested in my Videos check them out at Suzimade on You Tube

Thursday, December 6, 2012


In this Economy, fine art is just not doing well. I do continue to sell my bigger pieces of framed art, but not like in the good old days. I don't take it personal because I know it's not that people don't like my art, it's the Economy. a result....I have had to stop producing framed art because I need to sell what I have. Well...that was a dilemma because here I have all of these painted papers and what to do with them! These wonderful little "Art Doll" book markers are a result of that dilemma and I am having a ball making them!! I started out making "gal" ones and now have added "guy" ones! 
Result.....more orders than I can keep up with!! I had them on Etsy, but ran out and am just filling orders right now but once I get caught up they will be showing up again in singles, or a "pair" or a "group". 
Right now they are $3 each, but when I return to offering them for sale they will be $3.75. Why? Because as I continue making them I am getting more and more and more creative and they are taking a little more time than the first ones. Still WELL worth the price. Pairs and Groups will be a little less. Not sure what yet.
SO stay tuned!! And never stop creating art!!!
It's a GIFT from God!
Have a very Blessed Christmas!