Friday, April 7, 2017


Several of you on my facebook page
Suzis Art (come join if you haven't)
have been bearing with my learning process in my journey with Pottery so I wanted to share this batch just out of the kiln.
The first batch was a disaster and I showed some of those on the facebook page. These are better (much better) but still have some problems but I am getting a better grip on what those problems are and how to proceed. So here are a few of them and a little about them. Remember....some of these are the very first pieces I threw on the wheel!
First of all is the little kittie kat mug which turned out pretty cute :) The glaze is good. It's a small cup, 21/2" high, 21/2" across top, 31/4" across bottom. Some of the colors did not come out as planned but I now know the whys and hoping it will just get better.

Love my little St. Francis mug and little it is!! 33/4" high and only 2" wide. In the pics it looks flared at the top but is not. It is a straight cylinder. The disappointment here (and in several other pieces) is the terra cotta which turned brown and a brown brown at that. The leaves on the handle and rim were originally green but fired out brown because of the terra cotta. However, he is still precious and I'm pretty ok with it.


Next is my little girl walking in the woods bowl.
This is really the nicest of the batch. Good glaze and nice size for a soup or cereal bowl. 31/4" high, 33/4" across top, 3" across bottom and 5" across in the middle. Again...colors didn't do all what I wanted. I painted her a rose (flesh) color which fired out completely so she is ghost white! But I think she is sweet.

The inside is a nice bright orange which turned out good

The tree had some terra cotta in it which turned brown in every case and made it blotchy. 
All in all I like this little bowl very much.

And last but not least, my little houses mug. It did okay. Again, learning how to use my under glazes to get what I want. Another small cup (I am getting bigger!) 3" high, 21/2" wide at top, 3" at bottom

Thanks for your interest!!