Thursday, December 31, 2015


Well, tomorrow is a new year and I just thought I'd give you guys a little something to think about doing with your scrap pieces of paper. Don't tell me you don't have any!

I have TONS!!
and I am always trying to figure out new and fun ways to use them.
So here is my latest.

First gather materials. Here I am using a sheet of polyurethane to work on. You could also work on a sheet of freezer paper shiny side up. A surface your papers will not stick to.
An acrylic medium of some kind...Mod Podge works good too...
and your scrap pieces of paper of course :)

Next start laying your papers down overlapping a little and apply the medium. I like to work upside down. I'm kinda upside down anyway, so there ya' go! I lay my papers upside down on the polyurethane and apply a good coat of medium. You can lay them either way. This is just me.

When finished, lay flat to dry. Takes a while.

tick tock tick tock.....

So here is the finished new sheet of paper, right side up.
Now it looks pretty fun like this and you can leave it this way...
I think I want to take it a step further and pull it all together with some stencils.

 First I use the flower part of my stencil "Spring Flower Vase"

 Then I fill in with the "Circle Web" Stencil

and here it is....a brand new sheet of collage paper out of all those scraps!!

Now you can keep going with this....let it dry and add some more stencils on top and/or stamps. You could also do some Gelli Plate printing on it. Mess with it until you have it like you want it.
I am happy with this one, but sometimes it takes a while.

SO....get into those scrap pieces of paper and have fun this new year, making some new sheets of collage papers!!

I liked this process so much I did it with my bigger scraps too!! These are large sheets folded over.
Love it!! New sheets of paper I can do whatever with :)

Tomorrow is the drawing for the painted paper from 12/12/15 Blog. 
I will be drawing a name from the list of people that are members of this site...
HOWEVER, if you signed up anonymously then you won't qualify because anonymous means just that.....anonymous and I have no way of knowing you are on here.
So take a minute and go to the top of the page, on the left and check to see if you are showing up under "Join this site". If so, you are gold, if not :(

God bless your 2016!!!

Friday, December 25, 2015


Christmas finds me in the Studio today....playing, as usual. I'm always looking for new ideas on ways to "Prep" my work surface because I don't do well on a blank page. If you have taken my online workshop "Drawing a Blank" then you already know that. What I've come up with lately is a way to use my stencils...loosely....and have a good starting place, so thought I'd share with you.

First I cover my work surface with a good coat of Gesso with a little color mixed in and do a light spray of Decoarts Acylic Misters
I love these sprays because they are so versatile and permanent.

While the Gesso is still wet (yes, still wet) lay down your stencil (here I'm using my "Letter Mania" stencil from stencilgirl)
I spray a little of the Red Mister spray on my pallet and with a wet brush just lightly brush this watered down color over the stencil.

I cover the entire surface like this using different colors and you can change the stencil if you want.
Now look at what a GREAT surface to start a piece of art with!

Another thing I do, when it dries completely, is lay down a coat of Acylic Medium or Mod Podge.
Makes the surface a lot easier to work on for me.

Give it a try!
What can it hurt :)

Okay...gotta get back to it!

Thanks for stopping by this Christmas day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Peace and Joy

Thursday, December 24, 2015


"For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."
Isaiah 9:6

Merry Christmas my friends!!
Thank You for being here.


Saturday, December 19, 2015


FINALLY, found time to do a video!! 
It does take time to do these (and do them right) so haven't had the time, but decided today to take a break from a piece I am finishing up and do one.
This is painting papers again using stencil parts, but a bit more involved than the last blog.
So kick back, enjoy the wind chimes and birds and music and of course, the process!

Saturday, December 12, 2015


SO EXCITED to be able to do my first giveaway on my blog and what I am doing is a little tutorial on using a couple of my stencils I have with STENCILGIRL

What I want you to see is that just because a stencil is a cat or a flower pot does not mean that is what you have to do with it.
There are so many interesting little "marks" in these stencils that will enable you to create all kinds of fun papers.
And that is what I am doing here today, creating a sheet of collage paper using my "Scrappy Cat" and "Flower Pot" stencils.
On Jan. 1, 2016 I will have a drawing from the people who have joined this site and are members to receive this paper!
SO....Let's get going!! 

First I painted a sheet of newsprint with white gesso and laid down some yellow and teal to mix together

I spread that out blending as I went and added a little azo gold to give it some "glow",

Now I've got my stencils I want to use. Scrappy Cat and Flower Pot. Yes, flower pot has been cut into two pieces. When you buy it, it has a stem, but I use these two areas in so many other ways I figured I can draw in a stem if I ever want to do another flower pot using the whole stencil.
Let's get started..............

These are some of the various stencil brushes, etc. that I use. It all depends on the need and most of the time I use my finger tip. Best tool I have :)

So take a good look at Scrappy Cat. Does he not have many wonderful designs going on?? I'm going to start out by stenciling his tail as a border to this piece

And now the ears will add some great detail

After getting those laid in, I decided I wanted to paint some white in the middle to lighten that area up.

Now I'm taking the "pot" from the Flower Pot stencil and some Decoarts Acrylic Sprays and I'm spraying some squirts of spray on the stencil.
I like this technique because the paint in a good consistency to work with on a stencil. Not too thick.

Once I have done that I can take my sponge and dab the color over the stencil

I covered the middle area with this technique and then sprayed some red spray over top just for grins :)
Remember that this is a piece of collage paper that is going to be torn up to use in collage or can be used in a journal. It is not a piece of art so have fun and let what happens happen.
Now I have laid the flower part of the stencil in the middle of the paper and stenciling with some teal. I do this in a couple of other areas of the middle part also.

Here I am taking a circle area of Scrappy (I have focused in on that one area for you so you can see it)

and I am stenciling with red for a nice red center on the flower. you can see

Now it is time to finish up with what I call "Stencil doodling". 
I just take my pens and find fun areas in the stencils and make some up and just doodle!

And here it is!!
I haven't measured but am guessing this to be around 16 x 10 or so.
Now wasn't that fun!!! And all with using "parts" of stencils which is mostly what I do anyway.

OKAY....Jan. 1, 2016 I will be drawing a name for this painted paper so be sure you are a member of this blog to qualify!!


Thanks for stopping by :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


As many of you know, I have recently started designing my own stencils and have several out with Stencilgirl, but I have found myself coming up with ideas I just want to use for my own personal use in my art so out comes the exacto and the tedious work begins.
SO.....guess what I got (myself from my husband:) for Christmas!!
YES....a stencil cutter!!
This is a Silhouette Cameo and I have been glued to it for a couple of days now and finally got my first stencil cut!

So here is the cutter....

And here it is in action.....

And here is the result!!!

 Wha - LA!!!! 
Can you feel the excitement????
Now I will say, this in NO WAY compares with the quality and detail of stencils with stencilgirl, but it is just right for my personal needs. 
No, I'm not going to be selling them :)

I will say that having designed and produced stencils, learning to use this came easier than I thought it would.
New addiction 

Thanks for stopping by,

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Sorry to have missed you if you couldn't make it to the 2015 Arkansas Craft Guild Show in Little Rock, Arkansas. Of course, if you are in Canada or California, etc.......
Anyway, It was a GREAT weekend and I'm happy to report my sales were excellent!!
So, if you couldn't make it, here are some highlights of the show.

First there was set up on Thursday. It's hard work but worth it when you get it all put together.

And then the show begins on Friday with all kinds of folks coming in......

And customers of ALL kinds :)


This is Larry Joe who is a wood worker and I had to get a picture of this delightful man and visit with him cause he reminded me SO MUCH of my Daddy!!

Old friends Jo and Marvin (in the background) Smith. Jo makes pottery that is timeless and beautiful and Marvin is a wood worker who makes the most useful as well as beautiful wooden spoons and kitchen utensils.

These guys, Linda and Troy Odom, were across from me last year and I just delighted in getting to know them! And because I LOVE handmade soap, I was at their booth often!!

My new best art fair buddy!!! Marianne Hanson! She was my neighbor this year and we had the BEST time ever not to mention she makes wonderful, fun and colorful porcelain jewelry. Yeh...I now have a pair of earrings :)

My long time friends Ryan and Suzanne Rathje. Ryan makes the most beautiful high class jewelry with gorgeous stones of all kinds. Couldn't get a real picture of them because they are always busy!!
Love these guys!

Now don't be scared...I know she looks dangerous...but is actually a very nice gal who makes and sells wooden swords, etc. in the theme of Lord of the Rings. Yes, she has on elf ears :)
We had a good visit and she is a very nice person whose name has left me.

Hope next year you can make it out....always the first weekend in December at the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock, Ar.

Lord will see me there :)

Thanks for stopping by,