Friday, December 25, 2015


Christmas finds me in the Studio today....playing, as usual. I'm always looking for new ideas on ways to "Prep" my work surface because I don't do well on a blank page. If you have taken my online workshop "Drawing a Blank" then you already know that. What I've come up with lately is a way to use my stencils...loosely....and have a good starting place, so thought I'd share with you.

First I cover my work surface with a good coat of Gesso with a little color mixed in and do a light spray of Decoarts Acylic Misters
I love these sprays because they are so versatile and permanent.

While the Gesso is still wet (yes, still wet) lay down your stencil (here I'm using my "Letter Mania" stencil from stencilgirl)
I spray a little of the Red Mister spray on my pallet and with a wet brush just lightly brush this watered down color over the stencil.

I cover the entire surface like this using different colors and you can change the stencil if you want.
Now look at what a GREAT surface to start a piece of art with!

Another thing I do, when it dries completely, is lay down a coat of Acylic Medium or Mod Podge.
Makes the surface a lot easier to work on for me.

Give it a try!
What can it hurt :)

Okay...gotta get back to it!

Thanks for stopping by this Christmas day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Peace and Joy


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    1. Happy Christmas to you too Gill. I'm having fun using this new technique, even if I wind up covering it all up! I just have a "thing" about blank paper!! Thanks :)

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    1. You are welcome Stephanie! Just a little "sumthin" :)


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