Thursday, January 24, 2013


MY NEWEST HANDMADE JOURNAL using Painted Papers and Fabric
Yes.....I'm on a handmade journal roll!!!
Enjoy this little Video showing my newest Journal

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Just having such a GOOD time!!
Last post I showed you my "Practice" Journal. Well this is it completed and ready to start journaling in.

INSIDE with pages ready to Journal on. I have mostly wallpaper in this book

NOW, this is my "real" journal!!!
 Front and back are the covers from an old Music book. The inside covers looked better so I reversed them an put the inside in and outside out. Vintage button closure with a piece of vintage chiffon scarf as the tie.
End view showing my fabric tapes and binding

Back View

Inside I have various papers I can't wait to get working on
Will post photos of what I put in these as I go.
My Next Book I want to use my painted papers as the pages. This one has some in it as you can see.

In the process of looking for old books I found an old scrapbook of my Mothers...very old, the pages inside crumbled as I dismantled it but the covers will make a great journal. These are all the wonderful Vintage cards that were inside the scrapbook. What a find!! Can't wait to do something with these!!
Hope you enjoyed the journey with my new journals!!

Friday, January 18, 2013


That's a switch....and I am having a ball!!
It's a workshop by Mary Ann Moss called 
check it out!
I'm learning how to make my own journals with all kinds of papers and bind them myself!
Okay...this is my "Practice" journal. 
No frills....just wallpaper and ribbon to get the hang of it. 
 Spine. No cover on this one. Just learning to bind.
 See how good I did :))))
Inside, just wallpaper on this one.
The real book I'm working on now will have different kinds of papers in it.
TO BE CONTINUED............

Saturday, January 12, 2013


What a great pair of gals I had in my Studio the last two days!! We talked, and shared and made fabric paper and mono printed and painted papers and talked about journaling together in the Spring 
and just had a wonderful time!!
This is what I LOVE about teaching in my Studio is the friends I am making!
Here are some photos of the girls having fun and their wonderful work!
Scin's mono plate
Rubbing it onto the paper
 The WONDERFUL result!!

 CB's mono plate (isn't that cool?!)
 The result!
 CB rubbing her "ghost" print onto another piece of paper.
We loved the rubbing side of this!
 Scin painting papers fast and furious!
 As CB methodically paints away
 Nice collection!
Day's results (Most of them!)

My next class is February 8th and 9th.
CHECK IT OUT by clicking on the "Suzi Made Workshops" Icon on the left column of this page.
I originally was offering to 3 people but have realized that 3 may be too crowded when we get a lot of paper going. What we do requires spreading out!!
Would LOVE to have you and share our time exploring and playing!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


"Mothers are Angels"
 COVER for my new Journal "Ladies" This journal will be all about Ladies. Rich ones, poor ones, young ones, old ones, fat ones, thin ones, little ones, big ones...all kinds of Ladies. Have started and having a great time! Love all the possibilities!
 Brown-eyed Angel
Little Friend