Thursday, April 28, 2016


Back to back "In the studio" workshops!
Whew! I'm worn out but ALL worth it!! 
Vivian and Jonny came down all the way from Iowa!! 
And we talked and we did art and we talked and we painted papers and we talked......well, you get the gist!
And they really hated staying in the cottage on the lake.
So here are the results!! Great fun!!

All set up and ready to go. They got here the day before so came down from the cottage to unload supplies.....about 3 hours later.....
Yeah!! We talked!!


I shared a few ideas on painting papers and let them go!
Lots of fun and loosing up!

I am LOVING this paper Jonny did. She's really into pressing leaves and flowers and brought several (a whole box full) with her. With a little help from her trusted instructor (ahem) she made a great piece of paper using them!
She left me with several of her pressed leaves and yes, I will be doing this myself!!

Vivian and I got side tracked (how is that possible?) and began painting on our table paper. 
One of my very very favorite things to do!

And at the end of the day....this beautiful stack of papers!!

Now it was time to take the papers and create a piece of art.
This was a challenge and that is what I want it to be.
Jonny is an artist and does very realistic art, mostly dog portraits. Beautiful work, so this was taking her wayyyyyy out of her comfort zone! And Vivian is one of those we instructors love because she has done a little bit of all of it!! Bless her heart :)
I was having her follow some rules of art concerning color and value and compostition.
But they were sports and dug right in and I love the results!

What do I do with this now?

Should I stencil? or stamp? or stencil and stamp...or....

Vivian was working on a tricycle with balloons attacted

Jonny started out with a cat and a bird in a window...the window lost...the cat and the bird remain.

No they didn't get completely finished but off to a good start!
Loving the directions they are going!

Thanks ladies and thank the rest of you for stopping by!

Saturday, April 23, 2016


What a great two days Jackie and I had in the Studio yesterday and today!! She is a repeat student from last year and I loved having her back! We spent two days painting papers and creating collage starting with a sketch and developing our colors, compositions and thinking about our contrasts.
My goal in teaching collage is to make you open up and loosen up and

So here are some photos from our time together!
Thanks Jackie for coming to see me again :)

DAY ONE: We spent sketching, picking the colors we wanted to work with from the color wheel and making papers.

Jackie brought some awesome papers to work on and I got some of them too!! YAY!!

Stamping and stenciling.....

Doing some transfers and painting some great tissues!

And finishing up the day with some awesome papers!


Took our sketches and started working. Start out big and bold and loose and work our way inward.

And of course having some lunch.

Teachers work starting out
Not complete but getting there

And Jackie's finished "Blue Sunflower"!!
I love it and so does she!!
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Would love to have you!

Thanks for stopping by,