Monday, July 25, 2016


I had the pleasure, and I DO mean pleasure of teaching this group of artists in Knoxville, Tn. this past weekend.
I have to share with you ONE of the reasons it was such a pleasure.
As most of you know I teach several workshops a year on the road and several small groups (1 - 3 people) in my studio,
but this group is special because of one main thing...they know workshop etiquette.

I have a LIST of workshop etiquette that was given to me once when I attended a workshop. It is very good information but one of the main things on that list is #2.

Unfortunately, this has been something I have battled in nearly every workshop I have taught....hearing about how wonderful another instructor is while I am trying to teach and pass along the information I have on the subject.
It is very annoying and degrading and it actually, sometimes, is something that ruins the relationship you can have with the instructor. It, regretfully, has for me.
NO ONE in this class even came close to doing this.
Did we share ideas? Yes. 
Did I learn anything? Yes.
Did I go away feeling like they were glad to have me?
(and I won't even go into all the "special" treatment I received!! Treated like a queen :)

I hope anyone reading this that attends workshops will heed this advice and the rest of the advice on the LIST 
It is very good advice.

NOW, having said that I want to share some photos from this group. Aside from just being wonderful people (I actually wish I lived closer so I could share in that Art Center with them) they did some terrific work!!
Enjoy and Thanks for stopping by :) - Suzi

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


 Any of you who know me or collect my art, know that I go through changes. 
I love the challenge of doing something new and different with my art.
That "new and different" challenge is in the air now!
So I have a box of strips I'm eyeballing
and I've been playing around with them.
I also have my work surface that is turning into a painted paper 

and these are some areas of interest 
going on there.
Playing with my stencils

And my RIPPLE stencil

And loving stuff that just "happens"

I also have another piece going on and these are some images happening on that paper.

Just painting "Serendipitously"

So where is all this going??
I have no cognitive idea....
but I do have some thoughts :)

I can't wait to see what they are!!

Thanks for stopping by