Thursday, December 6, 2012


In this Economy, fine art is just not doing well. I do continue to sell my bigger pieces of framed art, but not like in the good old days. I don't take it personal because I know it's not that people don't like my art, it's the Economy. a result....I have had to stop producing framed art because I need to sell what I have. Well...that was a dilemma because here I have all of these painted papers and what to do with them! These wonderful little "Art Doll" book markers are a result of that dilemma and I am having a ball making them!! I started out making "gal" ones and now have added "guy" ones! 
Result.....more orders than I can keep up with!! I had them on Etsy, but ran out and am just filling orders right now but once I get caught up they will be showing up again in singles, or a "pair" or a "group". 
Right now they are $3 each, but when I return to offering them for sale they will be $3.75. Why? Because as I continue making them I am getting more and more and more creative and they are taking a little more time than the first ones. Still WELL worth the price. Pairs and Groups will be a little less. Not sure what yet.
SO stay tuned!! And never stop creating art!!!
It's a GIFT from God!
Have a very Blessed Christmas!

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