Monday, February 17, 2014

Painted Papers kinda day

Just finished up painting this piece of paper.

Didn't make a video...I paint papers all the time so can't video every single one, but can share it here with you :)
I LOVE the way this one turned out!
This was my work surface where most of my painted papers start but I usually have to do a lot more. This one just painted itself and could almost be framed as is!! Hmmmmm.

******* is an absolutely GORGEOUS day here in Hot Springs, Ar.!! 70 degrees!! Haven't seen that in a while! I took advantage of the sunshine and hung all my painted papers outside to photograph!! Beautiful huh?! Almost like stained glass.
I use these papers for journal pages so if you have one of my journals you probably have some of these in there.

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  1. Gorgeous eye candy, Suzi! And yes, the Lord blessed the South today - upper 70's in my bedroom community near Houston. Enjoying it while I can, as did you. xoxo

    1. Thanks Aimeslee!! Awesome to the weather!! Bring it on!!

    2. Beautiful! Both the weather AND the art ;)

    3. Thanks Jennifer and of course LOTS OF FUN!!!

    4. They are so pretty! If I were you I would hang them in my windows for a day! What a visual treat!

    5. I know Ginger!! They were beautiful with the sunlight coming in behind them!! They do hang on a clothes line in my Studio in front of a window which gets evening Sun. Beautiful!! Which makes it even harder to cut them up!!


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