Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another Student update

These beautiful papers from one of my students who has taken all of my workshops so not sure what these are a result of but I'm thinking "It's Okay to Play" because we do a lot of painting various kinds of papers in that workshop.
NONE THE LESS......these are scrumptious!! And she is not done with them yet.
Lujean loves to use deli paper so that is what you see here.

a word from me worth exactly what you pay for it! (my husbands favorite saying) :
 I love deli paper too, but as most of you know, I like to take what I have on hand and use it to the fullest, so what I have found is that if I varnish two sheets of tissue paper together with either Gel Medium or Varnish, I get the same weight, texture and durability as deli paper. Just FYI.

Good job my friend and Thanks for sharing :)


  1. Yes these are my first step to painting papers by creating these collage pieces. I learned so much in your workshops about playing and having fun with colors and patterns and marks without worrying about whether it's "perfect". Thank you for teaching me to let go and enjoy the process! :)

    1. And thanks for the comment!! It IS all about letting go and just having fun. Life is not that serious :)


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