Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cards and Stationery

I'm telling you! I can't be left alone for very long!!
For the last few days I have been having so much fun making Unique, handmade, one of a kind Cards and Stationery!!
YES! Stationery! Does anyone remember what that is???

Well...I know there are a few of us who still like to write a real letter every now and then so why not make it special :)
People do tend to send cards more often, so I've made more of those. Only one set of Stationery for now. 
We will see how it goes.

The cards are unique in that they are made from up-cycled envelopes. I have HUNDREDS because I use them in my Journals.....and well.....there's that "problem" I have of throwing things away I "might" use I came up with this idea and I LOVE it!! 

Right now I'm making sets of 3 cards with mailing envelopes and have them for sale in my Etsy Shop

And each inside is totally unique just like the outside!
I love the pockets because you can add notes, cards, etc. of your own!

having too much fun!!!
Thanks for stopping by and hope you will check these out in my shop :)  ................Suzi


  1. They are original and beautiful works of art. Absolutely lovely!

    1. Awww.....thanks so much!! I really love making them! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Those are awesome! You are so inspiring. You always make me want to drop everything and go have some fun.

    1. thanks Liza!! I know the feeling! Sometimes when I get an matter what is going on...I must act on it immediately!!! lol! Thanks for your words :)


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