Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Play time

I love it when I start out just putting pieces of paper together with nothing at all in mind and then wind up with a fun piece. That is what happened in today's Studio time.

My goal was.....nothing.....I had a bunch of pieces of paper laying around and I just started layering them together. When I was done this is what I had.

A house of sorts, a tree and the sun. "How cool" I thought....BUT....where is the rest? the flowers, the birds....the "stuff"...... you know..... :)

So I went about finding them ...... 
Just fun playtime and you never know....

That's all for now.....wasn't even planning on this one but wanted to share .....
Have a good rest of the day!


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    1. It IS isn't it!! I love it when art just "happens" like this! Thanks for stopping by and for your comments!


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