Friday, June 20, 2014

Several things....

Have I told you guys how much I LOVE it when you introduce me to something new?? Well.....I DO!! And one of my students, Patricia Walker, put me onto Sakura  Moonlight Gelly Roll Pens and I AM HOOKED!!! Can you say FUN!!! 
Just got them in the mail today and, of course, had to get right on it. Results are in....

Oh Boy Oh Boy!!! I am in Love! You will see more of these!!

So....the other thing is that a couple of days ago I was watching a Movie and there was this room divider that kept getting my attention. It was like woven sticks....I was fixated on it! So the next day I did this piece of paper as a result of what I saw.

What I did was to paint all these dark grey "woven" lines with my "tube" paint and let it dry. Then I just doodled and glued in pieces of paper etc. When I had it like I wanted it I layered a layer of white tissue over the top. I love what it did.

Next.....I've been doing some envelope art. This is a large envelope and my plan is to do several for a special envelope journal (large one). I thought I was finished and all of a sudden these little ladies appeared! Go figure.....

Do keep in mind that I use these pieces in my journals. If you buy one, you never know what you might see that you have seen before :) That's what makes it fun!

I also finished a journal order today and will post it on a separate post.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to me ramble on....


  1. I love your ladies on the envelope. How cool they are!

    1. I know!! Aren't they cute!! It's the little things that count :)


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