Wednesday, June 11, 2014

And Yet another paper project....

One of YOU, my new friends I enjoy SO much getting to know and sharing ideas with, sent me some Heavy Duty Wax Paper to play with and play I did!! In case you are not familiar with it (and I wasn't) It is the weight and consistency of parchment paper, but it is wax, it is heavier than regular wax paper and milky which made me think you wouldn't be able to use it for something you wanted to "see through"
so off I went to the Studio to see what it would do.

Here is the finished paper still wet. I did it much like my Tissue Transfer and Wax Paper layering process which you can see on You Tube. On this I started out with putting paint down on the freezer paper, then I laid the Heavy Duty Wax Paper on top of it, wet. Then I started layering with other papers, tissue, paint, etc. and topped off with a piece of regular wax paper. AND you can see....the Blue Paint which is what I painted on the freezer paper IS showing through!
I was WRONG!!!!

Here it is dry and you can still see the paint showing all the way through

A close up....

And a pic of the back!!

Now isn't that just fun?? And I ever love the feel!!!

THANK YOU Nancy Calvert for putting me on to this paper!! Off to Sam's to buy a bunch!!!!

Okay, signing off now so I can do some more of this :)))

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