Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Journal redone

I was looking at my Journey Journal No 42 the other day and thinking "Okay, I haven't sold this one so I think I want to make it into a Prayer Journal and as I was thinking about this a customer wrote and said "I would like a Prayer Journal"!! Okay!! So thus the journey of converting a Journal already made into a different journal began. I LOVE the results and I loved the challenge. This turned into a wonderful piece of functional art.

A couple of views of the front. 

Little "Pockets" to put notes or prayers or anything you want in.

I absolutely LOVE this page and will be making more! I have an old old 1800's ledger journal that was my Great grand parents. It has ledger sheets of accounting in it in the most beautiful hand writing ever!! It also has some blank pages in the back but they are very brittle and fragile. I took one and wrote this scripture from "The Message" and then sandwiched it between to layers of tissue paper to preserve. 

Another fun page from inside. 
This book is filled with wonderful pages and that is the fun in passing these on to others! They love it in pictures but it takes life once in their hands and the love affair begins! I thank God for giving me the gift to create these special books.

See ya' later :)


  1. Your project is so original and usual. The way you've embedded the old ledger handwriting into the journal is captivating. Have you ever considered scanning the original and using just a copy or do you always like to use the original? Thanks for sharing your unique and creative project.

    1. Dianne! thanks for you comments! I love doing the unusual and I do scan a lot of things I do to reuse in other journals but some things, like this ledger page just call for originality. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love that you did this. Beautiful.

    1. Thanks Denise. I'm glad I did it too. It turned out wonderful!


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