Friday, February 8, 2013


I've decided I'm tired of trying to promote myself. It's tiring. I figure if you are here you either already follow me or you found me by accident. I'm going to start doing this for myself, to gauge my work, and if you happen to find me .... GREAT!!
So here I am today.....and I have ALL these "things"...scraps of paper, scraps of fabric, scraps of paper tape, scraps of scraps AND I have the great little journals I made with all the weird papers in them and some of them I don't want to cover up
I also have a ton of little "cards"...2x3, 3x4, etc.
I'm just putting it all together and will see what happens.
Here's what I made today

 Can you say "cute, easy, fun"?

AND here is one of my journals.....Now to figure out what to do with them

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