Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I LOVE exploring new paper!! so yesterday I'm emptying my Tea bags out of the box they come in and the paper that lines the box catches my attention. Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger.
I just love the way it feels, kinda like a piece of paper that has been coated with Matte Gel, and I thought "Hmmm" must see.....
I loved the results! It is a little waxy so I cut a piece off and glued down with matte gel and not problem.
I just can't bring myself to actually go by paper to paint papers with....
there is SO much available out there!!
Another treat is Deli Paper. I think a lot journalers are already on to this one, but I am just now trying it out. 
It's another keeper.
Oh...that's not an afghan it's laying on, it's a festive little vest I just finished up yesterday!
Crocheting and knitting are what I do to relax.

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