Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 Having a good time carving stamps again. Been awhile but these guys in my workshop keep me on my toes! These are all carved using Speedball carving tools and Rubber blocks for carving. Really fun and easy to do. Working with this material is like cutting into butter. There are other materials and I have used them, but I always go back to this one. Just draw your image on the rubber and carve away what you don't want. Don't forget about REVERSE!
You can see here how when you stamp with the stamp, you get the reverse.
This is a fun way to make a stamp with hot glue! just draw on a block of wood with the glue and let dry. It is not a flat surface so the result can be different depending on what you are stamping on.
Here are some strips of stamped and dyed fabric paper hanging on the drying line.

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  1. thanks suzi! I'm going to try the hot glue method-it sounds fast and easy.


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