Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Prayer Journal

Haven't been in my Prayer Journal in awhile but decided to get back there. I've started a new journal and my intention is to do "something" in it every morning as a meditation time. Have had a crazy year with illnesses and hardships in my family and among friends so guess that is why the 23rd Psalm was on my mind today. "Even tho I walk through the valley". And even though I have and I do, I know that my Lord is with me always. His grace sees me through.


  1. Very touching. Sorry you had a hard year. I like that you've combined your creativity with your devotional time. a painted worship song / music.

    1. It's a wonderful way for me to get in the Word everyday and since God is the one who gives me my gifts, why not use them to worship Him? There is a possibility of a very short, self paced workshop on prayer journaling down the road.


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