Friday, August 3, 2012

Art Journal and Gallery Walk

If you are in my "It's Okay to Play Workshop" you will see this book in it's early stages. It is the book I decided to use for my art journal in the workshop and did several videos from this book. It is a 1931 recipe book. Just wanted to share how far it has come and it is still a work in progress.
Also a reminder for Local People of tonight's Gallery Walk! I will be featured again at Blue Moon Art Gallery AND August is a Blue Moon Month!!


  1. So this is how it turns out! I hope you'll show us how to do this. I love the look--a lot of layers and bright colors.

    1. Thanks Dianne. No lessons on this one. this is a spontaneous process....and a little now and a little later. I'm still working on the back side. It's just a combo of things you will learn in the workshop. Glad you like!

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  3. Sooo cool and artsy- I love it!!!!


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