Saturday, July 28, 2012


Made more scarves today, but also finished up this little piece I've been working on. This one is from Proverbs 1:9 in the Message. "Wear their (your father and mothers) counsel like flowers in your hair" I love her! I think she is precious!
I'm going to slow down on my productivity for awhile (NOT stopping) just slowing down. I have a lot of art out there right now.
This is a piece from my watercolor days. I did watercolor for about 10 years from 1987 to about 1997ish. I was a watercolor purist and it took me awhile to break out of the rut. By that I mean that I had a "phobia" about putting anything else but watercolor on my paper!! I think I have more than overcome that! But I look at some of the work I did back then and wonder how I did it!! Was that Me? I posted this on my facebook page today and got a large response! Maybe while I'm "resting" I'll pull my watercolors out and "Play". hmmmmmm.......

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