Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Play Time

Experiment #2: This little piece was painted with Neopaque Acrylic thinned way down like watercolor and the background completed in Opaque Acrylic. Acrylics work well used as watercolor but not the same. You can do some blending, but not like with watercolor. I still like the effect though and the results are similar. "Cup of Tea" here for the afternoon. More to come....


  1. what an inspiring creation! I found you through Mindy Lacefield (she put a link to your class on her fb page. I love finding fellow Arkansan Arties! I'm in Searcy but actually grew up in H.S. Thank you for sharing your world...with the world! :)

    1. Thanks Micah!! Any friend of Mindy's......Glad you found me! I'm going to look for you!


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