Friday, July 20, 2012

Flowers for My Dinner Table

 I reached a "pause" moment in my pieces I've been creating for my art Exhibit, so now have some time to create some small mixed media pieces for Etsy. Today....this one. "Flowers for my Dinner Table". Dog images are something new for me. I have 6 indoor cats and 2 outdoor cats and have LOTS of inspiration for those, but never around dogs enough to learn their personality. Well....not any more!! We are the proud owners of a wonderful young puppy named "Pooch" who came to our door beaten and with his ribs and hip bones showing!! BROKE MY HEART!! he is our dog and believe me...I am learning about Dog personalities!! Especially puppies.
Go to my Etsy site to see this image.
Meet "Pooch". With one of the many "gifts" he brings to our back door!!
And of course, I can't finish this blog without introducing "Chunkie" .... the studio supervisor.

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