Thursday, August 25, 2016


This is my studio. It opens up from my bedroom.
Several of you have played in the paint with me here or toured it through videos.

And this is my "little studio"

but let me give you a little history...
The home we live in was my parents home. My Mom went to Heaven in 1987 and my Dad lived here until his passing in 1994.
I'm an only child, therefore, it is now my house and everything in it!! My parents were depression era people who lost 2 homes in the great depression so NOTHING was ever thrown away!

My Mom was a wonderful seamstress and loved to sew. The "little studio" was her sewing area. It's a closet in the main living area of our house and was built just as a sewing area, nothing else.
When my Dad developed cancer in 1994, John and I were living in St. Louis and I came to Hot Springs to take care of my Dad. 
I was strictly a watercolorist then and didn't need a lot of area to work so John converted this little closet for me to work in while talking care of Daddy which was only 2 months. It served me well for about a year until we could move here permanently then I converted a small bedroom into a studio.

In 1998 we opened a frame shop downtown and I had my studio there for about 6 years but when it came time to close that and move home, I needed MUCH more space so we added on the room that is my studio today. That was about 2003.

Working in mixed media collage and teaching and making journals and doing all the "stuff" I do, it has served me well and will continue to....but sometimes I find myself sitting with my husband in the evening watching T.V. but thinking about whatever art is laying on my table in my studio.
Today it occurred to me that I could reclaim that "little closet studio" and now that I am working more in water media, I can do work in there and be in the main room with my husband and watch T.V. - the old "two birds with one stone" trick :)

Tonight I initiated it and it felt wonderful!!

I'm beginning to think I am turning back time....
first I get an urge to do my old medium, watercolor,
then I decide to do a few art fairs after 7 years,
and now I have reinstated the "Little Studio"

Next thing you know I'll be wanting to play jump rope!!!



  1. Sometimes it is refreshing to change things up and go back to an earlier way of doing things...perhaps you need this "re-charge" time. :) I think it's sweet - a way to spend time with your loving hubby and still keep that creative mind a-working...

    1. I agree Jackie, and I feel I am needing that right now. Thanks my friend ;) (and you ARE a friend!)

  2. Your studio is so cosy, so colourful, so creative in itself. I understand why you feel so happy there. I like reading about your experiences and am sure you're going to be very succesful in those fairs. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you Virginia! I do love being there. It's my sanctuary.


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