Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Well....I started something!
I have had so many comments, emails, posts, etc. on my 
ethics blog that I feel I should clarify somethings.

What happened is that I got word that a student who came to my studio and learned from me, then went back to her town and taught it all to her local art group. The result is that no one in her town signed up to take a workshop I was offering. No one. Nada. None.
I guess the premise was "why take it when I already know it...for free". Hey...I get it, but shame on her.

This situation does not mean I'm going to take my toys and go home and never teach again

What it means is that there will be some changes and these are some things that MAY happen:

* no students in my studio unless I know them well. ie: close friends and previous students I have a good history with.

*no traveling to teach. It is a lot of work to prepare for a workshop and especially to travel with it. Especially with the method I teach in collage. To prepare so hard and have no one sign up is disheartening to say the least. Sometimes the class doesn't "make" (I need to make a certain amount to pay my expenses plus make some money .... I wish I could do this for fun, but I make my living off of my art.)
There are a lot of artists out there who have a husband with a good job, or they have good other income and they don't have to worry about it and they have the "Oh it doesn't matter! I'll teach whoever shows up" attitude. Good for them! Believe me I WISH I could be that way, but it's just not my situation.

*My online "Inside Suzi's Studio" which is a monthly membership, is now closed to any new members. Only the people already there can stay. In other words, it has become exclusive.
This I have already done. I hate this! It is not what I wanted but this woman was in this group.

* Online workshops: I have 4 online workshops now and they will remain. Whether I do anymore....well....I don't know at this point.

I have to be honest...what this woman did hit me hard. 
She was a person who pretended to be a friend...not just a student. 
She not only came to my studio, she took a lot of my online classes. Little did I know what she was doing....

When someone betrays your trust it stings and you 
hopefully learn from it. 
Yes, I realize MOST of you are trustworthy and wouldn't do this, but this HAS made me realize that there are probably others doing it already. I no way know all the people who take from me.
It's a risk I took....I'm the only one that can change it.

SO...don't panic...I'm still around...Just making changes.

Art Fairs are safe :)
I need to feel "safe"

Hope this helps....boy! I'm on a blog roll lately! 

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. So sorry that this happened to you. I have just started to follow your work and am very disappointed that I missed out on some of your instruction. Your work is gorgeous!

  2. I'm so sad & so mad that this has happened to you. The actions of one person has spoiled the opportunity to enjoy your generosity of sharing. Ever since I found you, it has been one of my greatest wishes to be able to take one of your classes in person. I have been waiting until I was well enough to travel the distance to your home State. (I live on the West coast of British Columbia, Canada) I will continue to follow your inspiration. Maybe someday I will have the opportunity.Thank You so much sharing your work.

    1. Oh don't despair Marion! If you ever see yourself able to come here just email me. We'll talk :)

  3. I'm so sad to read this, but I think you're right, you must protect yourself against stupid unethical attitudes. I always follow your blog and everything you post and I feel you are inspiring and so creative. I can hardly understand people who dare to copy what others create. It's outrageous. You should mention her /his name for everyone to know what he/she has done.
    Best wishes.

    1. It's a shame. I feel bad about people who are genuine and I'm not shutting everyone out. I'm just being very cautious. Won't mention names. First of all it would be an "accusation" because I can not prove it and besides, I just wouldn't do it...God will work it out :) He's better at it than I am!

  4. A real artist would not have done this to you. She would have her own creative vein to draw from to teach. So sad that the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.

  5. Suzi, you are so right, God will take care of the culprit. I am never surprised at people's actions anymore. The world is just full of unethical people. Whatever steps you need to take to protect your work and livelihood is certainly understandable. You are awesome and so many love you and your work. God Bess!

  6. Oh no Suzi! I am so sad to hear this! Our world has changed so much and people just don't care anymore! We have a saying in our house.... people have the "ME" syndrome! It's all about them! I have followed you for such a long time and would have loved to take one of your classes once hubs and I got settled after I retired in April! I will miss your sharing so much! You have been an icon for me! xoxo

    1. You just let me know Deb. We can do that :). I'm not stopping...I'm proceeding with caution. Thanks my friend :)

  7. I have been seeing so many posts like this. It is sad that people are willing to take away someone's living. I love you and your work Suzi. I hope we get to see more of you maybe in more controlled manner. Sad you have to change. I know on thing, I couldn't teach what you do. Your art and processes are amazing. Sad to have them taken away.

  8. It IS a shame Denise. I wouldn't even ever THINK of doing it to another artist. Several years ago when I wanted to learn to bind journals, I took an online course. This artist was teaching how to make a certain journal but all I was interested in was learning how to put one together. When I started making my journals I made sure I didn't make journals anywhere near like she did. Again..ethics. Some got 'em, some don't. Thanks for being around so long!

  9. Hate to say this but at a workshop a few years back I met a lady and she was doing the same with classes off the internet,but she was making money from It by being some sort of an art teacher ......she knew nothing about art, not a thing and was even using the same image the Internet artist had used.
    Mine and others disgust was darn obvious.It was a2 day workshop ans she only did one day, what I really hope though is that she went away and had a good think about what she was doing and stopped.
    We ,many of the people at the workshop had a darn good talk to her. I'm always amazed at people when they do this type of thing, but then I have always been happy to pay for my art classes and learn from the real thing ,an artist.
    There are a hell of a lot of bad people out there ,but please don't let them dim your light.I started following you from YouTube and have now moved over to your blog.One of the things I loved about your classes was you genuinel love of sharing .This world is getting darker and bad-er by the day we need lights, the more the merrier.
    Ps have you spoken to the little twerp and nicely informed her that she is now black listed and she can go back and hold another group class with that.

    1. You know, I just think some of these people think what they are doing is okay! Glad you had a talk with her and hopefully she "got it". How brazen!! I don't know how this lady was doing her thievery...I don't think she was getting paid, I think she just decided she would teach her entire art group my workshop and then when I was asked to come there to teach, no one would sign up from the art group. It was pretty darn obvious what had happened but I couldn't prove it. A little bird told me though. I have blackballed her and she has not asked any questions which tells me a lot right there. Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm not stopping...just slowing down, sorting things out and proceeding with caution. A good lesson learned.

  10. I am sorry this happened to you but nothing changes. This happened to me 12 years ago. This won't make you feel any better but l just wanted you to know, someone knows how you feel 😞 Lynda

    1. and I'm so sorry it happened to you. I know there are people out there stealing others artwork...been going on for centuries....I know that people take things I've taught and go and share it with their family or close friends....I just had no idea they went back and made it their own and taught whole art groups! sad. Thanks Lynda.


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