Monday, March 21, 2016


I was blessed beyond blessed this past week 
when I got to spend 3 days in an intense workshop 
If you are not familiar with him and his work,
do yourself a favor and become familiar.
This workshop was all about combined media (the new phrase I learned instead of Mixed Media) abstract collage.
He usually does 5 day workshops so a lot was poured into 3 days but worth every minute!
Just want to share with you some things I came away with and you will be seeing me use some of these new found ideas in my work in my "INSIDE SUZI'S STUDIO" online, members only, workshops.
So here we go!

One of the back to the basics he had us do was get out our black and white paint and nothing else, then we did these two minute painting exercises. He would give us a word and we had 2 minutes to paint what that word said to us. 
I loved doing this because something I have gotten away from is "warming up".

Next he talked to us about composition and went over all the different ones with us, then, again with black and white (and a little bit of color is we wanted) we did small paintings of the different compositions. Here I did, on the Left - overlapping rectangles, and on the right - Cantilever. 
I just loved doing this because it was so freeing and at the same time I was seeing values and positions.

Here I did a piece using "curves" composition and then inserted figures into it. This piece, minus the figures, was my last piece on day one and I was not happy with it. The next day I came in and loved it!! Sometimes you just have to put it away and come back later. I will probably do more to this piece.
Demo by Bob on the table

Finished piece

Demo on the overhead so we could all see. 
This was a class of 26 people. Maxed out!

 One view of the class.
 So....Suzi....what did you do in the class?
Good question!
Here are my results....only 2 actually finished and one still in progress.

Pears are a subject Bob does a lot of!! And he is very good at it. Here is my pear painting.

This one I'm still working on but close to finishing.
Just some finishing touches.

And this is my main finished piece. I am very happy with it!
"Misty Morning" is the title.

Bob Burridge is a great guy and a terrific instructor.
I'm so thankful I got to study under him and got to know him.
A VERY interesting fella!

Hope you enjoyed having a little insight to this workshop
and if you ever get a chance...don't miss it!

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. He'll be teaching a 5 day workshop near me at the beginning of May (Hudson Valley in NY); but unfortunately, I can't attend :( Hope he'll love it here and will want to come back!

    1. He was here in my hometown about 3 years ago and I didn't even know it until he was gone!! Talk about upset!! So glad this time to get in on it even if it was an hour away! Wonderful!!

  2. How wonderful, Suzi! Looks like you had a great time...can't wait to see more pieces out of your workshop experience!

    1. I did Jackie!! I can't wait to see what I do too!! lol!!

  3. Thanks, for sharing your creations, Suzi! Love what you created! Looks like so much fun!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And I already sold the finished one so that's a good thing! Right?? :)


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