Wednesday, March 16, 2016


When you come to my studio for 2 days or take one of my collage classes on the road which sometimes is one day or two, it's almost impossible to really finish a piece. You may think you are finished but when you get home and get to looking at it you may realize you are not. 
Some of you simply put your piece away and move on,
but not one of my last students!
Patsy just wasn't happy with what she left with, not completely so she went home and painted a whole lot more papers and worked some more on her piece.
I just love how she worked through this process and what the result was and I felt a need to share with you.
She says she's not sure she is finished....but I think it looks great!!
What do you think?
Good job Patsy!! Keep it up :)

At end of two day workshop. Looks good right? 

One week rid of the window (which was giving her fits anyway) and added light and pattern

And Wha-la!! 
I love it!!!
Much more light and the pattern does not take away from the focal point which is the teapot. The black around the teapot just makes it pop!
She's hooked :)

Thanks for stopping by and thanks Patsy for sharing.


  1. What courage to rework a piece. Great job!

  2. Beautiful! Good for you to keep going!

  3. It looks fantastic! Amazing what you can do when you stick to it...<3


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