Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How about a "Look See"??

I've had a wonderful little online workshop up for about 3 or 4 years now called 
it was the first online workshop I did and it is FULL of stuff!

When I create an online workshop, I rarely go back and look at it unless you ask me a question and I'm going "Huh??".....THEN I got to go look!

I decided to take a look at some of the videos in the workshop and I couldn't believe it!!
There is some really exciting stuff in there! And it is a mixture of all kinds of experiments.

I was even inspired to go back and do some of these things I taught others!! 

SOOOOOOO...........I thought "Why not?" and I couldn't think of a "Why not" so I'm sharing one of the many videos that is on this workshop with YOU!! This is a fun experiment and I am going to go revisit it again myself :)
So here it is and I hope it inspires you to want to learn more :)


  1. I love watching you create. It is very meditative with the music. I am a hesitant starter and you just make it look like so much fun, that I want to jump in and try something, no matter the outcome. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Ellen. That is a good little workshop to take for those who just want and need inspiration.


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