Saturday, November 14, 2015

Catching up in the Studio

I have ambitiously been dwindling down my stash of 
papers and tapes.
First of all I offered a lot for sale and secondly, I have a stack for give a way this month in my Newsletter but thirdly, I created these two pieces!

And BELIEVE me, those took a LOT of my papers and tapes!
I have another piece I want to start, but when I went to the paper drawer, it was frowning

SO....decided today was the day to play!

Out came the stencils and stamps and paints and the fun began.

Then stages of drying....paint a base, let it dry, stencil, dry, stamp, dry, etc etc.....

I love seeing what happens after layers and layers of wonderful designs and colors!!

And it is worth it....A new stack of papers and tapes!
Ready to start a new piece of art.

Oh, and by the way, I hope you don't throw away all those little brushes that come with your make up because you have one brush you love and these are just "there".
I love to use them with dry brushing to feather out or smooth edges with.
So that was my day of play and it is always a fun day when I get to play in the paint!

If you guys want to see my new art as it comes out, I have a new facebook page just for my art. CLICK HERE and check it out and hope you will "like"

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  1. Wow! You certainly were ambitious in the best fun sort of way! Great collage fodder!!! :)

    1. I know! I usually create lots of papers with classes but haven't had many lately so had to get to work on my own! Hey, be sure to "Join" my blogspot so you can be in line for give a ways!


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