Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Gift (or Christmas in May)

One of my artist friends died a couple of months ago. His name was Bob and he was 91 years young.
He wasn't anyone you would know....didn't sell his art or network it or anything....he just loved to paint.
He and his wife lived next door to us for several years and our docks were just a few feet apart.
From time to time he and I would "talk" art and he would show me something he had done. He was really quite good. They moved away several years back and we lost track.
After he passed from this earth his family came to us. His wish was for his ashes to be put in the lake and did we know where they could do it!
I wouldn't have dreamed of it being anywhere else but off our dock which was next to their old one.
So, the day came on May 16th,  and they gathered and a son read from the scriptures and the children threw his urn designed to dissolve, into the lake. Tears were shed as we watched the bubbles from the dissolving urn rise to the surface....we remembered times with him....they left....and time went on.

Today a knock came at my back door and there was one of Bob's sons with a sack FULL of Bob's art supplies. They thought I "might" like to have them.

Can you say "Christmas in May"???
But most important................

A painting by Bob himself.
The sort of stuff you write in a journal..............

Have a Blessed day my is full of joy if you look for it.....


  1. OMG. What a lovely gift to you. Not the fact that you got loads of stuff, but that his family must have known about your friendship and your shared love of art. He must have been a wonderful man and you were lucky to have had him as a friend.


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