Sunday, May 25, 2014


If you have seen my You Tube Videos where I paint a sheet of paper using the marks on my work surface then you know what you are looking at.....IF NOT....Check out my Painting Paper videos on You Tube.

So this afternoon I found myself getting out ALL the media! Paint, Pastels, watercolor crayon, watercolor pencils and whatever else was laying around!

This was about half way through the process and looking a lot like a Pizza there on the left!!

But I worked on it and am very happy with the outcome! 

I just played with this one using a lot of different media and techniques. Pastel Painting, regular painting, drawing and the most fun was mixing some new paints from paint I received in "The Gift"! There were some nice Windsor Newton Acrylics in there and colors not on my least they WEREN'T on my palette! ARE NOW!! Wow did I ever get some GREAT colors!!!
This was relaxing, challenging and most of all FUN!!!

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  1. Please know how much we enjoy your blog. I used many of your ideas for therapeutic art in our household. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

    1. I just looked at your blog and am honored that something I am doing for my healing is also healing others!! What a privilege! I need to tell you than many many years ago I worked as an occupational therapist aid in a mental health center. This was before I got into my art but we did leather work, painted plaster pieces, cooked and on and on. God Bless you and thanks for letting me know :)


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