Monday, January 23, 2017


27 Years ago I took a Pottery Class in St. Louis at the Craft Alliance in University City were I lived.
I had just moved there after living in my hometown 
for 43 years in South Arkansas.
Talk about culture shock!!

During this time I did a series of cartoons 
to document my experiences there.
The Pottery Class was one of them.
Today, as I write this 27 years later, 
I am embarking on pursuing this ancient craft once again.

Just wanted to share this little cartoon strip 
I did during my first experience!
Hope it turns out better this time :)

The main character, of course, is me but her name is Effie which was my grandmother's name and the real Effie was a pioneer woman if ever there was one!

So meet Effie and enjoy :)
Watch my FACEBOOK page for pottery progress!

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