Monday, February 8, 2016

TAKING A RISK I know your guys are going to think I am nuts.........(Don't answer that)
But I just wanted to share this "risk" 
I took to with my latest piece of art.

This is my piece....almost done...
just needed to put a few leaves on and done

 I realize that it looked very much 
like these 3 other paintings I have done!

I made a radical decision to make it an early morning painting!

As I prayed and chewed on my fingernails
I laid down the first coat of paint in the background.
But once I did it I knew there was no turning back so off I went

Then I started adding the details and working with the new color

And here is the final result!

I'm good with it! 
And what is even more interesting 
is that the title changed....
What I had on the previous piece just did not fit...
This one is 

So what do you think??
I know, I know..."I loved it before"....
so did I, but a change was in order
and I do believe it was a good change.

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Taking a risk is what makes you such a GREAT ARTIST... It's lovely.

  2. Thanks my friend :) Hope your sister has her coloring book!

  3. I prefer it to the others. The light of the Lord shines through so beautifully.

  4. thanks Joy. I love the others also. I love the truth that God's Light shines in the darkness and that is probably why I keep going that way, but I also love the early morning light and the promise it brings.

  5. LOVE it, Suzi! You are so much braver than I! I would have been terrified to change it, after it turned out so beautifully...but it's even better than before. Risk...that's what makes you a wonderful artist! :)

    1. Thanks Jackie. It IS a scary thing to do when it is a perfectly good piece. I don't have any problem if things are just not working I need a change, but this was scary!

  6. Suzi I love the change! Wow! It is so beautiful! I need to take more risks in my art! I recently did and it turned out fabulous (I think it did anyway)! LOL!

    1. thanks Deb. Glad you love it :) Risks can be a good thing and if it doesn't work, it just doesn't work, and you cover it all up and start over!!


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