Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Painting Papers Outside

I found myself going in and out and in and out, painting papers for journals and taking them outside to dry....SO....decided to set up outdoors and just paint my little heart out :)
And that is what I did. It was a little hot....no.....a LOT HOT but did it anyway! Here are some pics and a little Video I made for You Tube.

Stack of Rice Papers and other papers 
that make good journal pages

 my set up! Ready to go.

 Laying down papers on freezer paper (shiny side up) and painting with diluted acrylics. This is more staining the papers than painting

 Hanging up to dry outside. 
These thin papers dry very quickly outside

 Let dry...............

......... and ready to use!!

LUSCIOUS papers! Can't wait to use them :)

Enjoy the Video


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    1. Thanks Denise. I've actually had this blog for years and there are a lot of other blogs on here but It's something I tend to forget about! Thanks for taking a look AND for commenting!


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