Monday, July 13, 2015

Something I've always wanted to try

I had just finished posting on my facebook page that I was going to stop painting for awhile.

The very next day I had to eat those words!

But, you see, I was in Church and my pastor was finishing up a sermon series on Biblical Femininity and he was talking about how, when the tomb was found empty, the guys all went back to the house, but Mary (the woman) stayed.
And then he read the verse about her looking into the tomb and there was an angel sitting at the head of the bed where Jesus had been. There was one at the foot also but for some reason I was fixated with the one at the head, but the scripture says "They" said,  "Woman, why are you weeping". I could hear him asking me that as I sat there with tears on my face.
Instantly I could see the angel in all his radiance and I knew I had to get it down.

But my method was the challenge, not the image. The image was firmly planted in my head.
I have always wanted to do a collage out of my head. In other words, no drawing...just start laying down paper and see where it would go. I've done it with "simple" images, hearts, flowers, etc. but not with something major. So...I decided this was it. This was the piece I was going to see if I could do that with, and I have to tell you....I LOVED doing it!! This truly is what coloring outside the lines means.

First of all I just did some random putting down of paint and that is just because blank surfaces drive me nuts!

And off I went laying in shapes with the paper. 
The other thing about this is, no pre-planning of what papers or tapes to use. I just started going through the stack until I knew that was the right one. Remember, I did have the image in my head.

After I got the angel "blocked" in, I covered my background with a color. In this case, Orange. I like to have a background color to work with when I collage.

So here it is with basic blocking and shape.

At this point I'm feeling pretty happy with the image. And I did it all by just laying down papers where I thought they should go! 
Now for the background....thinking of doing just some painting on this with a little paper. I want to write the scripture and that is hard to do on torn this point, still giving it some thought. I do know how I want it to's there in my brain, I just need to make it happen.....

So here is the finished piece!
I did paint the back ground but laid down paper also. 
Left the area where I did the wording so I could write on it more smoothly. I also reworked the wings some.
I'm very happy with it.
Mission accomplished and God glorified!

To see more about this piece CLICK HERE

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  1. Found you through the Global Christian Worship blog. I love this piece, and appreciate that you shared your process. Okay with you if I share it with my chronic pain support group? It's very encouraging.

    1. Tracy, Absolutely!!! Thanks. And...I had NO idea until now this piece was on Global Christian Worship!! Thanks for the heads up!! God Bless

  2. This is really beautiful, Suzi! Thank you for sharing the story behind it.


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