Friday, August 8, 2014

Good Intentions

A Full day in the studio....oh Boy!!! I can finish up a Journey Journal, I can start on a couple of "Sisters" pieces and try out some new ideas I have.............

Yeah, know what they say about good intentions!!

I DID spend the day in the Studio, but found myself knee deep creating some videos I'm adding to my "Journal Making Journal" online workshop on a new paper tape method I came up with that will work very well in journals. I realllllyyyyy did not intend to do that right now!!'s almost complete and will probably be available tomorrow. 
(If you are in my journal making class you will be receiving that information)

BUT.... I did get some other things accomplished!

Made a great sheet of Paper Tape

And completed the signatures and cover for my Journal.

And I'm loving this cover!! It is covered with hand woven painted papers, Kozo and Philippine Gampi bark and some jute and string weaving!!

so.....ALL was not lost.

Hope to have that Journal completed soon! Thanks for stopping by.

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