Sunday, September 22, 2013

Journals and ROAD TRIP!!

I've been busy making journals for Christmas orders and am getting more inventive with them everyday! Making them has really helped me get back in the creative mode. I hope someday to be painting again but for's JOURNALS!!
 This one above was fun to do! The back and front are felted pieces I did on my felting machine. LOVE doing that! and the straps are from weavings I did. Little button on top is handmade by me out of sculpey clay.
This one is from a 1962 Readers Digest book. Hand crocheted straps and more sculpey buttons and beads.
Go to to see more of each one of these.

THE MOST EXCITING thing for me lately is that my husband and I are leaving on the 27th for a BIG 

We have had, as you well know if you follow this blog, a very hard year and we are getting away to do some healing. We are going out WEST!! Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma then HOME.....maybe :)
I am really hoping and praying that this trip will inspire me to get back to my painting again. When I first started back painting in 1987, my work was mostly southwest art. I love the culture and I love the color so praying that inspiration will return.
SO......adios until the trip is over which is going to be about 2 1/2 weeks....
Thanks for your continued support.....

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  1. Have fun, we will miss you, see you when you get back! xoxo


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