Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I seem to be okay with making journals. LOTS of journals. I don't have a desire to paint yet or create 2D works of art, but I can get lost in making the journals. Besides, I have TONS of paper....painted papers, fabric papers, scrap papers, printed papers, wall paper and on and on and this is a great way to use that stuff up. My idea right now is to purge all the stuff I have and then see where I am. Either move on with new art or stop all together. I have no, for now.....journals!
 Covers made from fabric paper, art board, old book covers, whatever I have.

All kinds of interesting pages inside!!


  1. Suzi, your road back home to your art is stretched ahead of you and only you can determine the speed at which you will travel. We, your fans, are here to walk beside you along the way and hope to encourage your journey.
    God's love and His peace are yours to carry with you.
    Take your time to heal.
    We do miss you and your sweet voice, your unlimited talent, and your enthusiasm. Looking forward to see what great things God has planned for you.

    1. Thank you so much Charlotte. It's a process and I'm working through it. Thanks for your faithfulness!


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