Monday, June 25, 2012

Painting Papers and Journaling

Painting Papers today. Used Glass paint and dyes on this one. Pretty and a lot of fun.

 Doddling in my Art Jounral. Spent a lot of time today working on my workshop I'm going to be teaching starting August 6th. I am learning SO much from this experience and can't wait to pass it on.

This is just a corner of a piece I finished today. Don't want to show it all because it will be in my show at Blue Moon Gallery for July. I'll tell you though....It's a cutie!! And the title is wonderful!!


  1. I really enjoyed looking through your blog today. My friend Jeanne R. in central CA told me about your art. I love that you share your journal and show how you 'play' and develop ideas. Also, the fabric paper looks wonderful.

    1. Dianne! Thanks! thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Jeanne is a dear friend for years and we have never met in person!! someday! Did you check out my workshop? Might be something you could be interested in. There will be a lot more in that.


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