Friday, May 3, 2019



I thought it would be a good idea to let you know what happens from the time you order a piece of pottery custom made until it is finished. People ask about "time" and it really depends. 
So here is a little explanation of the steps:

The first thing that happens is I make the piece

Then it has to sit for a few days to become "bone dry". This is the Greenware stage. The piece is still just clay but hard enough to paint on. At this stage it can break very easily and can be added to water and recycled if need be.


Then it is painted

Next comes the first firing. The Bisque Fire. In order to fire the piece I have to fill this kiln...can't just fire one or two pieces.

After it is fired the first time it has to be glazed
(This piece is glazed. Image is under the glaze)


And then this kiln has to be filled and it is bigger and takes a little longer. 


Once it is filled and fired, the piece is ready. The kiln takes about 7-8 hours to fire and then at least 24 hours to cool down enough to empty.

As you can see, this is not a speedy process. 
The best case scenario is you order something I have already in the green ware and ready to paint, and at the same time, the bisque kiln is almost full and ready to fire. That is when it can go fast. Other than patient. It's worth it :) (I think)

HOPE this helps!

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